All of Cayso's musical releases are listed below.  Click on the pictures to listen to the projects.


visión is Cayso's first album.  It is the result of a lifetime of musical influences combined with 4 years of serious application to the craft of music making and performing.  

The album is completely produced by Cayso – song production, recording, writing, rapping, singing, cover art and visual design.  visión is personal, but extends the meaning of personal to include all the interdependent connections to the world and the people around me.

For the first few months of 2014, Cayso released a series of songs that told an illustrated story.

The story is of a young warrior, and it takes place in the settings depicted in the cover art.  A written story tells the tale of the warrior, and along with the visual depictions in the cover art and music videos, the listener's imagination fills in the details in their own unique way.

Click this link to read the written story and follow along: The Story of the Warrior.


The Katie Heard Noises EP is short and sweet, developed over a year and trimmed to the 5 strongest songs.

It is a snapshot of a 21/22 year old trying to understand life and make quality music while going through his last year of university.

Light and whimsical on the surface; dark and layered at the core.  

There is a music video for each song: Bicycle CrashThat Feel Good Sh*tTightSpace GirlVideo Games – click the song title to watch the video!

The Press Start EP, released in 2012, established Cayso as a force to be reckoned with in the worldwide musical landscape.

Teaming up with J Rowdy to from 1UP, this No9to5 duo made a splash with a genre defying sound ranging from classic hip hop to dubstep.

The innovative music videos for the lead singles "Rap Star" and "Dumbo in the Club" led the charge as 1UP took the internet by storm.  (Click the song titles to watch the videos!)

"Rap Star" has become a No9to5 performance classic, thrilling listeners new and old every time Cayso and Rowdy grab the mic and prompt the crowd – "Say I"m a rap star!!!….I"m a rap star!!!"


Perhaps the most electrifying music that Cayso has created has been in collaboration with Raleigh based producer Viking Breakdance.

Viking Breakdance is a classically trained pianist who has exploded onto the electronic music scene in recent years with boundary breaking original songs and remixes.

With an impeccable chemistry, Cayso and VB blend hip hop and dance music styles in such a genuine way that there is no reasonable comparison worldwide.  

The recorded songs are just a taste of the riveting energy that is unleashed in the live performance, so be sure to catch Cayso and Viking Breakdance when you get a chance.

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